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About Us


We are a small 2 employee business located in the heart of the East Village in NYC. It all started in May 2016,  when we were announced the 2nd prize winner of the National Bernina Quilts for Furry Friends competition.  From there, Jo-Ann fabrics named us their handmade hero, going on to star in a video for them and accompanying them as their special guest to the 2017 American Folk Art Museum Gala. In 2018, we were named an Olfa Ambassador, an Aurifil Artisan and also started writing guest blogs and tutorials for Sizzix. We were signed by MacMillan Publishing and our first book is scheduled to be released in 2020. Our quilts appeared in a Saks Fifth Avenue window last fall and we’ve also got a line of quilting cottons on the way!

note - currently 6 month wait for commission work

CEO      (Doggy) Diane Keaton

Diane is a 3 year old wire fox terrier poodle mix adopted from the Animal Care Center of New York. She is a passionate lady whose hobbies include bossing people around, begging for snacks, demanding to be the center of attention, thoroughly investigating anything food related and tons of snoozing on the job. She hopes she will become famous so people on the street will recognize her and offer her hugs and belly rubs.



Pictured here with Diane Keaton. She demands to be in every photo.

Pictured here with Diane Keaton. She demands to be in every photo.

Designer      Justin Stafford

Originally from the Hudson Valley of upstate New York, he moved to Manhattan in 2006 to attend The Fashion Institute of Technology and has been here ever since. Having thoroughly explored the city and everything it has to offer he finally settled down in the East Village, where he draws from for inspiration in many of his pieces. With over 10 years of experience sewing, quilting and crafting, he is finally pursuing his dream of teaching, writing patterns, designing fabric and creating fiber art to share his unique perspective with the rest of the world.