Le Vintage Chic


After a great experience working with @artgalleryfabrics for my last color wheel, I was excited when @misterdomestic reached out and asked if I'd like to make another quilt, this time for his Sewing Party using their le vintage chic collection.

Aren't they beautiful prints?! 😍 I think my favorite is the amorous manuscript featuring antlers, flowers and handwriting.


I'm first up in this sewing party today and coming up are :

August 29th - Kristi McDonough (reverie) @schnitzelandboo & www.schnitzelandboo.com

August 30th - Paola Baker (bachelorette) @loveoffabrics

August 31st - Alisa Kutsel (spices) @astitchinbetween & www.astitchinbetween.com

September 1st - Elise Baek (le vintage chic) @eliseandemelie & www.eliseandemelie.com

September 2nd - Mathew Boudreaux (woodlands) @misterdomestic & www.misterdomestic.net


If your following along with my #keatonsawesomeSAL, this week's block is Octavian 🐙 and I'll have mine to share with you soon!

Happy Monday Friends! 😀💕