Little Dress block

Today we'll be making an applique dress block! This will eventually end up in a quilt project were calling our Orchard Garden Sizzix Sampler Quilt.



9” square of Essex linen

7” square of floral print for dress fabric

1.5” square of print for dress belt

a sheet of Heat and bond iron on adhesive



Here are the fabrics we chose for today’s block. Prep them by ironing on heat n bond to the wrong side of the dress and belt fabric


It’s time to make your Sizzix sandwich - start with your cutting pad and place your die on top, foam side up and slightly askew. Then place the small belt fabric on top with paper side up.


Add the fused dress fabric, paper side up - and the place the 2nd cutting pad on top and your Sizzix sandwich is complete!


Now feed the sandwich through the machine and you’ve got all your pieces set to assemble.


Now place your background fabric onto an ironing surface. Next, peel the paper off of the back of the dress, center it and fuse it into place using your iron.

Peel the paper off of the back of the belt piece, place face up over the waist of the dress and iron in place.



I like to wait to stitch around the appliques pieces until the quilting step but feel free to do that now based on preference. Doesn't it make an adorable block? 😀