A view of our workspace 🕺

Happy Monday! 


This view ( so my happy place ) made me smile as I get ready to press some piecing. I'm continuing to put my new iron through it's paces for it's big review that's on the way - I'm loving it so far and also this wool mat gifted by my good friend @beansy_quilts. It's so nice not to have drag out the ironing board while I'm sewing 😂

Our workspace is the @theoriginalscrapbox Workbox 3.0 and you can save $100 on one of your own by using the code KEATON 🕺 & the code KEATON20 will save you 20% off at oliso.com 😉


CEO, 🐕 Diane Keaton snoozing on our new quilt from @beansy_quilts 😴💕


We hope everyone has a great week!

XOXO - Diane & Justin 🐕😀❤️❤️❤️

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