Quarter Square Triangle Blocks

Today we'll be making Quarter Square Triangle Blocks! These will eventually end up in a quilt project were calling our Orchard Garden Sizzix Sampler Quilt.


We'll be using:

Clover 240 Fork Pins
Aurifil Cotton Thread Solid 50wt
Clover Extra Fine Patchwork Pins
Liberty of London Orchard Garden quilting cotton - in stores this fall!
Sewing Machine
Wonder Clips

Ok, let's do this!


Firstly, lets make our Sizzix sandwich. Place your cutting pad down first. Next stack your die on top - foam side up. Place 2 fabrics on top of that, right sides together - making sure to cover up all of the die cut lines. I used two prints from the upcoming Cottage Garden line from Liberty of London - due out this fall. Thank you Jenni Smith for the chance to play with the line before release!


Roll your Sizzix sandwich through the machine.

Tada! Here are your pieces, all cut - dog eared and even paired up and ready to sew!


Place 2 pairs next to one another like the photo to ensure you end up with mirrored pieces. Clip at the beginning and end of each seam.


Chain piece your units together using a quarter inch seam allowance.


Roll open your seam.


Clip at each edge and use a fork pin to ensure the center seams come out matching perfectly. You insert the pin, one prong into each side of the seam line and then flip it over until and jhooshe it until it's aligned the same on the back. 


Using a quarter inch seam allowance, join the two parts together making sure your needle avoids that pin.

Roll open your seam then repeat all the sewing steps for the other set.


Woohoo, 2 more blocks to add to our Orchard Garden Sizzix Sampler quilt!

xoxo Justin

Drunkards Path Quarter circle block - Sizzix Tutorial

Today we'll be making a drunkards path quilt block! This will eventually end up in a quilt project were calling our Orchard Garden Sizzix Sampler Quilt.


We'll be using:

The Orchard Garden Quilting Cottons by Liberty of London (in stores this fall!)

Sewing Clips

Sewing Machine

Ok, lets do this!


Firstly, lets make our Sizzix sandwich for the background pieces. Place your cutting pad down first. Next stack your background die on top - foam side up. Place 2 layers of fabric on top of that making sure to cover up all of the die cut lines. I used Essex Linen from Robert Kaufman. Finally, place your other cutting pad on top and your good to go!


Now roll it on through your Sizzix machine. A slightly askew angle works best!


Woohoo, just like that we've got our outter curves all good to go!


Next up is our quarter circle Sizzix sandwich! Pad down first, followerd by the die - foam side up - followed by 2 layers of different fabrics (Here are new prints from the upcoming collection of quilting cottons, The Orchard Garden by Liberty of London - thanks Jenni Smith!)  and the other cutting pad on top.


Now our inner circles are all set!


Fold your inner circles in half and use your seam roller to make a folding mark into the center of the rounded edge.


Now fold your outer curves in half and roll a folding center mark onto the curved edge.


Place your 2 opposing pieces, right sides together - line up the creases you just made and place a pin through them.


Line up each of the edges of your pair and secure them with another pin.


Sew around the curve slowly, making sure to avoid your pins while you zhush the edges of the seam to align all while maintaining your quarter inch seam allowance. 


Now clip in about 1/8 of an inch around your seam using a scissor, making careful not to clip through your sew line.


Use your seam roller to roll your seam toward the Essex linen.


Flip over your block, roll along the seam to make sure it's super flat and then repeat these steps to make your other 3 quarter circle blocks.


Place your 2 different color quarter circle blocks right sides together and place a clip at the end of each edge. Use a fork pin to align your seams that match up by pushing both prongs around the thread line of the pieces until it is centered on both sides. 


Sew along the edge using your trusty quarter inch seam allowance making sure to avoid hitting your fork pin with the needle. 


Roll your freshly sewn seam open and repeat these steps for the other pair of quarter circles, making sure the other pair is matched so the colors will be staggered through the circle.


Line up your blocks, right sides together, clip each edge and use a fork pin at each seam to make sure they line up perfectly then sew together using a quarter inch seam allowance.


Roll open your seam.

And woohoo, your done! You've got a finished quarter circle drunkards path block! Happy dance optional :)

xoxo Justin

Binding Across America


Binding across America

I had always wanted to take a cross country trip and last week I finally got my chance. I flew from NYC to Chicago, taking in the sights for a few days (with a quick stop by the awesome @oakfabrics - I'll have a little video tour up once I edit it together 😊) then boarded the California Zephyr (Amtrak train) and took it all the way to San Francisco. I had planned to prep a bunch of my #mischiefquilt by @karenthediyaddict blocks for the trip because I thought EPP across America had such a nice ring to it 🤣 but alas all my trip prep left me with too little time so I figured why not bind this beauty while taking in the sights from the train and I'm so happy I did. 🚉
She uses 52 @artgalleryfabrics prints and I couldn't be more over the moon 🌙 with how her scrappy white binding turned out.
It's hard to see in the picture but I'll be sure to find a closeup of it and post it to my blog/stories sometime soon. Thank you guys for all the input on helping me settle on the choice. I'm so happy with scrappy whites as they give it a fun little detail without drawing the eye away from the center ring. I've got one last photo to share of this quilt I took among the beautiful redwoods in California but figured I would save that for another post as I struggled to narrow it down to just these 10 photos. I wanted to show you the beautiful views from the train while I bound my girl.
I'm loving seeing everyone's Chuckles 🐠 blocks from our #keatonsawesomeSAL Awesome Ocean Sew-a-long! 🐟🐙🐚🐋🐡 This is week one so if you haven't joined in yet you've still got plenty of time! I'll share my 2 Chuckles on the denim background later this week.
I've also got a big giveaway coming up you won't want to miss and the reveal of my pattern that will be featured in the next @quiltersplanner so keep an eye out for that! Pre orders for next year's planner are live so reserve your copy today!
I hope everyone is having a great week!
  @ San Francisco, California